Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Welcome to Constant Insight!

We would like to introduce you to our newest product, Constant Insight. Constant Insight helps sales and marketing teams close leads from exhibitions and showcases faster by showing how interested prospects are in their product or service.

We're looking for marketing or sales team who regularly exhibits or conduct product showcases.  If you know anyone who'd be interested, send them to Thank you!

Kyle Christian Steele

Monday, September 9, 2013


Do you know a marketing or sales executive who exhibits or conduct product showcases? 

Constant Insight helps sales and marketing departments close leads from exhibitions and showcases faster by showing how interested prospects are in their product or service. If you know anyone who'd be interested, send them to to signup.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Data Matters

Okay, your event is over, so now what? If you're like most planners, your focus quickly shifts towards two key activities:

1) Enhancing your event for the following year and

2) Proving and showcasing its value to current and future stakeholders.

To maximize your success in these activities, you need great insight from great data at your fingertips. Unfortunately, you've been unknowingly handicapped! For years, you've been making decisions and showcasing value on only 20% of the available data at your disposal. This means that potentially millions of dollars in opportunities have been lost because 80% of your data is missing or not available during analysis. Aw snaps! So the question becomes, what's the problem?

Problem 1:

Much of your data is spread across multiple platforms, such as event registration, apps, social media, survey, and marketing systems.  This is a lot of data and the process of bringing it all together means you have to go through the daunting task of pulling and consolidating data from multiple systems. By the way, we forgot that this data needs to be available, updated and fresh at a moment’s notice.

Ultimately, this process is extremely intensive because data sets have to be manually pulled, consolidated and visualized by some unlucky staff member. The end results always leads to incomplete and outdated data that prevents you from making highly informed decisions at the speed of thought.

Problem 2:

Planners are not capturing arguably the most valuable data sets called “attendee-centrics.” These data sets are left behind every time an attendee engages an event throughout its life-cycle and reveals their thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and life-changes.

Before I go any further, let me explain the power of attendee-centrics. Attendee-centrics allow you to see the stories of your attendees by showing you the impact your event has had on their lives.  Believe me, I'm all about “up and to the right” metrics but imagine how awesome it would be if you could show stakeholders how you're changing lives! Think about it, unless you're a Grinch or a robot, everyone loves a good story about how an event changed someone’s life. This is the power of attendee-centric data because it helps you tell these types of stories which grab people and compel them to invest more.

Capturing attendee-centrics is tough because it requires herculean discipline mixed with periods of extreme fanaticism. To be successful, you have to:

1)     Drive attendees towards online activities that capture this data.

2)     Tag and monitor all attendee action, so you can begin to understand behaviors, thoughts, attitudes, etc.

3)     Attach captured data sets to individuals, so you can visualize their story.

4)     Be consistent year-after-year, so your picture can begin to develop.

Frankly, the level of work required easily explains why attendee-centric data is often missing or incomplete.


Besides being annoyed at me, you're probably wondering how you can pull all this off. The answers are simple: hire a team of geeks and data scientist, enroll in computer science and engineering courses or invest in a data capturing and analytics platform designed specifically for events. Whichever option you choose, the mission is simple: consolidate all your third party data, consistently capture attendee-centric data and visualize it in one place, so you can maximize every opportunity to enhance and showcase your event to stakeholders. Remember, good data matters.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doccaster #2 Event Technology at Premier NYC Event

More than 240 meeting and event planners gathered in New York City’s Financial District for PlannerTech on August 13 to talk tech with the brains behind some of the industry’s biggest ideas. Hosted at Convene (formerly known as Sentry Centers), the day featured 16 rapid-fire sessions designed to get planners thinking about ways to incorporate new digital and social tools into their next event. And they didn’t wait until they left the event to get started—PlannerTech’s #techsytalk hashtag was the No. 2 trending topic in New York on Twitter, and there were 83,683 social media impressions inside the Bizzabo app (which includes Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) throughout the day. Read on for eight of the best ideas, pulled from PlannerTech’s sessions, to help make your next meeting as tech-savvy as this one. Read more

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Planner Tech Takeaways: The Art of Storytelling by Kyle Christian Steele

  1. You Are Changing Lives – During your events, people are meeting, learning new things and sharing ideas that will change theirs and others lives forever.

  2. Become Great Storytellers – Although great stories take time to develop, when captured and told, they articulate your value in a way that's more compelling than the “numbers.”

  3. Consistently Collect Data – Being consistent in data collection during the entire life cycle of an event allows you to see the hundreds of stories unfolding.

  4. Privacy Policy – Make sure the online systems that attendees come in contact with have privacy policies in place.

  5. Transparency – Be open with your attendees about how you are using data.

  6. COPPA – If your event involves the collection of data from kids under 13, learn COPPA!

  7. Now that Planner Tech is over, we're basically give Doccaster away! Every customers will get our standards service which includes unlimited custom branded event web apps, data integration and storytelling dashboard free for the first 30-days after new account activation! No credit card required to start the trial and only $39.95/MO to continue service afterwards. You rock! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Doccaster Announces Strategic Alliance with TriNet

Orlando, Florida – August 5, 2013 – Doccaster, the leading provider of event data collection and analytics for events, today announced it has signed a strategic alliance with TriNet, the leading provider of cloud-based products and HR consulting services for small businesses. The alliance will allow Doccaster to strengthen their event exhibitor product offering and overall market position by leveraging TriNet's knowledge and national participation as a premier event exhibitor and sponsor. Additionally, TriNet will have access to Doccaster's technical talent and platform to advance their event marketing and client acquisition strategy.

Doccaster is intensely focused on helping event planners and exhibitors/sponsors collect event data and view meaningful analytics, so they can quickly spot opportunities, measure success and showcase impact,” said Kyle Christian Steele, co-founder and CEO. “We are absolutely thrilled to align ourselves with TriNet because they're highly respected, have a strong national event presence and share our innovative spirit. Injecting these elements into our product DNA lets us build a unique solution to assist TriNet in their strategic marketing and sales objectives while benefiting other exhibitors and sponsors worldwide. This alliance instantly elevates our position as big data and analytics player in the event space.”

We're laser-focused on helping businesses hire and retain great employees through exceptional HR services and conventions and conferences serve as key channels in conveying that message to the world,” says Ken Narita, Director of Marketing at TriNet. “The alliance with Doccaster will let us quickly deliver our message during events and identify businesses who are open to starting a conversation with our team. Additionally, the data captured through Doccaster, will give us a unique way to measure event ROI and guide future exhibition and sponsorship spends.”

About Doccaster 
Doccaster, an Orlando-based Dreamit Venture portfolio company, is an event data collection and storytelling platform for planners, exhibitors and universities and colleges. Doccaster's web-based platform gives clients instant visibility into their event's historic and real-time metrics by collecting, archiving and visualizing data from multiple desperate systems. This information allows planners to make more informed decisions on enhancing and highlighting an events value, universities to improve donor modeling and fundraising stories and exhibitors to expedite qualified lead identification and maximize future event spends. For more information, please visit

Media Contacts:
Kyle Christian Steele
Doccaster, Inc.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Understanding The Impact Your Event Has on Attendees

These fine people attended your conference or tradeshow.

Carol made 36 new business connections!

Bob, the sales guy, identified 72 qualified leads!

These people loved the session on tectonic plate shifting on Mars!

A presentation with a kid and a bicycle on the front page was the most viewed and downloaded slide.

These folks attended your event 6 times in a row. Although they're from different parts of the country they have one thing in common, they all attended the University of Michigan.

Gary loves the blue squishy ball because his father wrote the following on exhibitor 365 wall.

"...great information and thank you for the blue squishy ball! My son Gary is going to love it!"

Doccaster lets you discover these hidden stories inside your event! Learn more about Doccaster, the storytelling dashboard for events, by contacting us today or  650.646.5301